Technology in machinery and accessories has increased productiveness ensuring the quality of Brazilian meat

China has been facing an outbreak of swine fever, which has resulted in rising Brazilian beef exports. The disease was discovered in August of last year and it has proved to be harmless to humans but it is contagious and fatal to animals. It has decimated pork farms not only in China, which is the largest consumer and producer of pork in the world, but also in neighbouring countries.

The figures speak for themselves: the shipments of pork meat in May to countries in Asia has increased by 51% compared to last year reaching 67.2 tons. Vietnam is also facing challenges due to the outbreaks related to the swine fever and, for that reason, the purchase volume of pork meat from Brazil has risen by 7,000%, which represents about 1,82 thousand tons in May. Altogether, the exports rose by 41%.

“As we operate worldwide, we have observed that it is also impacting other countries such as Denmark, which might result in increasing the export of pork meat”, says Edson Bittencourt, superintendent director of Bettcher do Brasil, that is taking part as an exhibiting company at ANUTEC BRAZIL. “On the other hand, the Chinese demand for corn and soybean might drop as those are used for manufacturing animal feed, which will cause an impact on its prices”.

Bettcher was founded in 1944 and, in 2002, the company started operating in Brazil selling equipment for food processing and hand tools focusing on the development of machines and accessories to drive up productivity for workers and enhance yields, reducing the risk factors related to repetitive-motion injuries.

Whizard® TrimVac™ is one of those machines, which uses a very efficient and clean method to remove tissue from the animals’ spinal cord. Why is it so important? To avoid either contamination such as the mad cow disease that affects bovine meat or as a matter of productivity, in the case of pork meat. It is crucial that Brazil shows beyond doubt about the quality and safety of its products.

“It is mandatory to remove the spinal cord for meat exports as diseases might be trapped in it. There are several companies in the domestic market that also make such requirement”, says Bittencourt. “Whizard® TrimVac™ is internationally approved and certified as a machine that performs that kind of processing correctly and efficiently”.

Tarcício Barbosa, Latin America Sales Manager, emphasizes that although the machine is easy to operate, Bettcher trains employees to use it correctly. “In this way, it is possible to prevent incidents and increase the equipment’s life span”, he says.

ANUTEC Brazil is the only trade fair that brings the latest innovations in technology to the animal protein industry.

The key players of the packaging, processing, cold storage, food safety, logistics, ingredients and services segments will meet at ANUTEC BRAZIL from 26th to 28th May, in Curitiba (PR). Companies such as Bettcher, Handtmann, Tecmaes, Multivac and Polyclip, among others, have confirmed their presence at the next edition of the event where they will present the latest news in equipment for more than four thousand slaughterhouses from all over Brazil.

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