Ovens for cooking and smoking meat have developed new technology and it is now part of Industry 4.0

The new ovens allow the user to have extensive and safe control over all equipment functions. Exhibiting at ANUTEC BRAZIL, Incomaf has developed its own software to provide support on those new features.

 Incomaf, a reference in the manufacture of meat processing machines in Brazil, takes part in ANUTEC BRAZIL 2020 by bringing its RCF system oven, which is one of its latest main innovations. This system combines the hardware and software developed by the company allowing the user to have extensive and safe control over all functions and parameters of the oven, which are essential in equipment for meat producers. The oven is used in the cooking, smoking and dehydration processes of food evenly, without presenting relevant variations in temperature, colour and humidity in all. The ultimate goal is very clear: preserving the quality and consistency of the products.

“Our system is not restricted as an oven controller. It is also a process optimizer making it possible to adjust the parameters of the cooking recipe, which is not available on a conventional control panel”, says Fabiano Babichi de Gois, director of Incomaf.

According to Gois, the system integrates with other Industry 4.0 equipment and it is easy operation because it is intuitive. “Alongside with the development of the RFC system there is our management application, which allows real-time monitoring of processes and reports of up to 12 ovens status”, he says.

Even nowadays, there are companies that use smoking processes without temperature, humidity or exposure control. However, modern ovens have become increasingly popular not only for the increased productivity but also for facilitating the compliance of the standards set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. That is because several products should follow established regulations to be available to consumers and the cooking process should meet strict time and temperature parameters.

Growth and opportunities

Incomaf has positive prospects for the coming years. The economy in Brazil is recovering at a slow pace, which can already be observed in the animal protein industry.

“From the last year onwards, business have been developing gradually and it is leading us back to the same production levels as we were before the crisis”, Gois says. “The consumption rates are expected to increase and, as a result, our customers should resume expansion and improvement projects. Our opportunities and challenges lie in our ability to meet that growing demand”.

Gois mentions two segments whose growth should speed up: vegan and gourmet products. For the latter, in addition to the ovens, Incomaf has filling portioning machines from Risco. Those are important for meat products manufacturers as it provides high portioning performance and productivity. In addition to the conventional sausage manufacturing process, those machines also produce meatballs, hamburgers, portioned ground beef production and even cereal bars when coupled with special devices.

 About ANUTEC Brazil – ANUTEC BRAZIL, International Supplier Fair for the Meat and Protein Industries, gathers the key suppliers in the processing, packaging, refrigeration, food safety, ingredients and services sectors for the industry. The event takes place from 26th to 28th May 2020, in Curitiba. Over 4 thousand qualified visitors from Brazil and worldwide are expected of which 77% either participate in the purchasing process or are decision-makers. Key players such as Bettcher, Handtmann, Tecmaes, Multivac, Polyclip, among others, have confirmed their presence at the next edition of the event.

For further information go to: anutecbrazil.com.br

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