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To fight uncertainties, animal protein companies invest in new releases, technology and diversification

18.11.19 - Poly Clip has confirmed its presence at ANUTEC BRAZIL 2020 and presents a renewed packaging stapling, focusing on security and automation

ANUTEC BRAZIL presents an exclusive workshop with innovations and solutions on packaging for the animal protein industry

31.10.19 - The event repeats the success of its last edition and will be organised by the Packaging Institute

ANUTEC BRAZIL 2020 conference programme discusses topics regarding the challenges and perspectives of the Brazilian animal protein industry

10.10.19 - Organized by the Institute of Food Technology, 2030 Brazil Protein Outlook Conference will take place alongside with the fair

Ovens for cooking and smoking meat have developed new technology and it is now part of Industry 4.0

10.10.19 - The new ovens allow the user to have extensive and safe control over all equipment functions

Updated data from ABPA shows the pork and poultry export figures for 2019

10.09.19 - The positive change was influenced by the pig herd reduction in China, reopening of Russian market and the resumption of sales to Europe

Gross Value of the Agricultural Production (GVaP) rises to its second highest record in 30 years during 2019

15.08.19 - According to the Ministry of Agriculture, GVaP should reach a revenue of R$ 603,4 billion. The growth rate is attributed to good results from the livestock sector

Abrapes has joined the list of Anutec BRAZIL 2020 partners

08.08.19 - According to Association for the Fish and Seafood Promotion, the international profile of Anutec contributes decisively to information exchange and business generation

Peixe BR is the newest partner of ANUTEC BRAZIL 2020

08.08.19 - Brazilian Fish Farming Association may benefit from ANUTEC’s reputation to achieve its main goal: market growth