To combat uncertainties, animal protein companies invest in new launches, technology and diversification


With a confirmed presence at ANUTEC BRAZIL 2020, Poly-clip has renewed its line for packaging stapling, with a focus on safety and automation.


The Brazilian perspective on agribusiness is a combination of optimism and uncertainty. On the one hand, there is enthusiasm for the increase in exports of animal protein – mainly to Asian countries, such as China. On the other hand, the slow recovery of domestic consumption and the increase in the price of raw materials have put a brake on investments.


“With consumption slowing down, it is difficult to justify new investments. At the same time, with the constant drop in interest rates, the hope is that the productive sector will react, with the acquisition of new equipment and the opening of new work positions, generating consumption. Finally, a cycle of sustainable growth,” says Fernando Baldini, technology manager at Poly-clip System, a company confirmed at ANUTEC BRAZIL 2020. “In any case, it is difficult to specify which scenario will prevail in the face of political uncertainties”.


Despite the troubled economic period, Poly-clip has been able to achieve its annual growth and revenue objectives – “but always with great efforts”, emphasizes Baldini. The company’s successful response consists of launching new machine models, with a focus on automation and portfolio diversification, which allow it to serve various market segments.


An example is the evolution that the company has promoted in its stapling equipment. The most recent generation of automatic double stapling machines (models FCAs 50, 60, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140 and 160) has as differential a system of new staples profiles, completely integrated for the closing of flexible packaging.


“The requirements of improving the ergonomics of equipment/processes, minimizing the wear and tear of employees, have brought automation to a prominent place in refrigeration companies,” explains Baldini. “Some steps can be performed as efficiently or better than the traditional manual process and even with greater productivity, hygiene and consistency.


At ANUTEC BRAZIL 2020, Poly-clip will present not only its line of bench staplers, manufactured in Brazil, but also automatic and semi-automatic machines produced by the German headquarters. It will also exhibit, in its exclusive stand, equipment represented as slicers of sausages and cheeses.


Founded in 1922, the company has been operating in Brazil since 1971 and sells its products in more than 145 countries. In addition to the supply of stapling machines, staples, loops, spare parts and technical assistance services, Poly-clip in Brazil has a number of foreign represented companies, which offer various solutions for the frigorific sector, such as equipment for the deboning and industrialization of pigs, cattle and poultry, thermal processing and treatment of industrial effluents.



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