Greenhouses for cooking and smoking meat gain technology and integrate with Industry 4.0


They enable the user to have extensive and secure control over all equipment functions. Company Incomaf, exhibitor of ANUTEC BRAZIL, has developed its own software to help in this task.


Incomaf, a reference in the manufacture of meat processing machines in Brazil – and which will be at ANUTEC BRAZIL 2020 -, will take to the fair its greenhouses with the RCF system, one of its main innovations in recent years. This system, which combines hardware and software developed by the company itself, allows the user to have broad and safe control over all functions and parameters of the greenhouse. Greenhouses are essential equipment for meat producers. They act in the cooking, smoking and dehydration of food, and must, above all, perform these tasks in a homogeneous way, without presenting relevant variations in temperature, color and humidity in all its extension. The final objective is very clear: preserving the quality and consistency of the products.


“Our system is not limited to a single greenhouse controller. It is also a process optimizer, with which the recipe parameters can be adjusted at points not reached by a conventional control panel,” says Fabiano Babichi de Gois, Incomaf director.


According to Gois, the system integrates with other equipment from Industry 4.0 and, because it is intuitive, is easy for company operators to handle. “Parallel to the development of the RFC system, we developed our supervisory application, which allows us to monitor the processes in real time and report on the equipment status of up to 12 greenhouses, in addition to generating reports,” he says.


Even today it is possible to find companies with smoking processes without temperature control, humidity or exposure. However, modern greenhouses have become increasingly popular not only because of the increased productivity they provide, but also because they make it more practical to comply with the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. Several products, after all, can only be made available to the public if, for example, the cooking process meets strict parameters of time and temperature.


Growth and opportunities


Incomaf has positive prospects for the coming years. Although at slow steps, the country’s economy is showing signs of recovery, which can already be observed in the animal protein market.


“Since last year, things have been gradually evolving. We are returning to the production levels of the pre-crisis period”, says Gois. “The consumption should increase and, with this, our clients should resume projects of expansion and improvements. Our opportunities and challenges are in the ability to meet this growing demand.


Gois mentions two segments whose growth should accelerate: vegan products and gourmet line. For the latter, in addition to the greenhouses, Incomaf also has portioning fillers for the Risco brand. They are important for meat products companies, with high portioning performance and productivity. In addition to the conventional production of sausages in general, when coupled with special devices, they are used for the formatting of meatballs, hamburgers, production of portioned ground meat in trays and even cereal bars.


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