Abrapes has joined the list of Anutec BRAZIL 2020 partners


According to Association for the Fish and Seafood Promotion, the international profile of Anutec contributes decisively to information exchange and business generation.


“If you want to go fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together”. Marcio Ortega, president of Association for the Fish and Seafood Promotion (Abrapes), says this quote to explain the partnership with Anutec BRAZIL, which is the largest event of the meat and animal protein industry in Latin America.


Hence, Abrapes confirms its participation in the 2020 Anutec BRAZIL edition. The association aims to strengthen key players in the industry and it ranges from importers/exporters, as well as manufacturers, distributors, tradings and retailers.


“We want to increase the production and consumption of fish and seafood in Brazil, therefore we are always aiming to improve the quality of the products we offer”, Marcio says. “Because Anutec is a prestigious event that gathers many international visitors, it encourages the information exchange and business generation”.


Ortega supports the quality of the national product but, at the same time, he fights for economic openness in Brazil. He mentions Spain and Portugal as references, not only by the high consumption of fish and seafood but also because of the significant import and export figures.


He explains that there are products we should export, such as tilapia, and products we should export, such as cod. There are still those products that we could internalise production by providing incentives, so the companies and producers establish their business in Brazil, the same way as it is done for the auto industry.


“Brazil must understand that it is a two-way street. The economic openness has encouraged export and import fish and seafood products. Why are there so many restrictions to a process that benefits our society?”, he questions. “In the end, everyone benefits from higher employment and income generation in the industry”.


About ANUTEC Brazil – ANUTEC BRAZIL, International Supplier Fair for the Meat and Protein Industries, gathers the key suppliers in the processing, packaging, refrigeration, food safety, ingredients and services sectors for the industry. The event takes place from 26th to 28th May 2020, in Curitiba. Over 4 thousand qualified visitors from Brazil and worldwide are expected of which 77% either participate in the purchasing process or are decision-makers. Key players such as Bettcher, Handtmann, Tecmaes, Multivac, Polyclip, among others, have confirmed their presence at the next edition of the event.



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