Consumption megatrends lead companies to develop a variety of solutions for the animal protein industry


Multivac joins the food slicers sector and highlights small-scale packaging machines


ANUTEC 2020 is the leading event in the animal protein industry as it brings the latest news and innovations and gathers the key players of the sector. Among them, Multivac that is well known for its solutions and machines for vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging.


It has been ten years now since the company started operating in Brazil and, since 2009, the number of clients grew rapidly: from 30 to over a thousand. The financial results are also impressive. During that period, the worldwide revenue doubled while in Brazil it has increased by ten times.


Multivac is one of the exhibiting partners that is committed to ANUTEC since its first edition. “We are pleased to be part in this decade’s history as a showcase for great business deals for such renowned player in the industry”, Cassiano Facchinetti, Managing Director of Koelnmesse Brasil – organiser of the event, says. “We bring qualified visitors who participate in the trade fair to purchase and close business deals and that’s the differential of the event we organise”.


Multivac has branch offices in more than 80 countries, but the figures above places Brazil in a highlight position. For that reason, various machines were nationalised to meet the major demands of the domestic market in Brazil and all of them are registered in BNDES. In this way, the clients’ investments in equipment can be funded through a credit facility from a development bank.


“The economic crisis has not affected us much. It is true that from 2014 to 2017 we didn’t have good growth rates, but in 2018 we grew by 45% and the prospects for 2019 are promising”, Michael Teschner, Managing Director of Multivac Brasil says.


As part of a global strategy, our company is developing a variety of solutions by joining the food slicers and bakery sectors. During this month, the company announced the purchase of FRITSCH Group. In addition, the portfolio of represented companies has been expanded, especially in Brazil, which means that Multivac takes over the responsibility on trading its partners’ equipment, as well as providing consulting services and support.


What about the new products launches? According to Teschner, they are constrained by identifying megatrends, which are key consumption global trends. Two of them have been mentioned:


“Firstly, centralised section for meat and cold cuts. The supermarkets are bringing those products from a distribution centre instead of attending customers at a counter because they have a larger area and better equipment. They gain in terms of hygiene, quality and efficiency”, he stated. “Secondly, currently the families are smaller – a demographic change observed in many regions -, smaller and split packs are preferred”.


Multivac is promoting F100MF aiming at the latter trend mentioned above. It is a small-scale machine using Skin MultiFreshTM system, which is ideally suited for distinctive product range such as cheese and special meat cuts. This type of packaging enclose the product like a second skin without changing its shape or integrity. Thus, meat, cheese, fish and pasta are displayed in their natural shape, as well as in full quality, freshness, colour and structure.


“We have bigger machines, of course. However, F100MF is perfect for small-scale manufacturers or smaller shops that sell high added value products because it enables niche markets to provide innovations in packaging, such as Skin MultiFreshTM”, Teschner says.


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