Process automation also contributes to worker’s health and safety


We have already discussed on how the process automation and data processing have contributed to the productivity of livestock and fish farming. That is why so many Brazilian companies have accelerated the pace on adopting new technologies in their production processes.


However, another point of view regarding this event, which is no less interesting, is the positive effects it brings to the employees’ health and safety. This is fundamental issue, especially when considering that Brazil ranked fourth in the world ranking of occupational accidents, according to the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT).


Sunnyvale, which participated in ANUTEC BRAZIL 2018, has a lot to contribute in this respect. The company has in its portfolio a range of 90 equipment, divided into five areas: industrial coding, digital printing, inspection and quality control, packaging and palletizing. One of those is EC 201, from Fuji, which belongs to the latter category and has had special acceptance in the market, partly because it keeps employees from experiencing any incident, consequently driving workers out of the labour market.


“Palletizing (the process of organizing loads on pallets, which are very strong structures and easy mobility), depending on the case and when done manually, can cause health issues on workers, especially spinal injuries”, says João Fortes, Sunnyvale product manager. “The Fuji Robotics EC Series automates this process, as well as for different types of packaging. As it fits in cold stores, large and medium-sized slaughterhouses have already been using it”.


Evidently, the option for the robot also involves productivity, since palletizing is an industry bottleneck. In the case of the solution provided by Fuji – Japan, it has a flexibility because it retains up to 400 different predefined layouts in its memory, and it is fast, since it organizes up to 27 boxes per minute. Manually, this number is hardly more than five.


Another highlight, which relates to data processing, is the WBM 1350 II automatic vacuum wrapping machine from Webomatic – Germany. It is possible to control the whole cycle of the operation through a touch screen, such as adjusting the vacuum level by pressure (mbar) and by time. According to Alves, the storage and processing of these parameters allows a simpler operation, higher productivity and a package within the required quality standard.


“There are more affordable products in the market and less well-known brands, but they are not so reliable, increasing maintenance costs and not guaranteeing the same productivity. In summary, you get what you paid for”, says Alves.


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